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Royals Club InternationalMembership Validity – 20 Years

Package Amount – 57500/-

No if Years – 20 Years

Time Period – 6Night/7Days

Room Type – Studio Apartment

Member – 2 Adult and 2 Kids (Below 8 Years)

1) You only purchase the time you need. You don’t have the expense of a full-time vacation home that you don’t use that often, but have to pay for all year.

2) You aren’t tied to the same place every year. You can choose from thousands of destinations to go to through Royals Club International.

3) You can go when you want. You choose where and when you want to go. You aren’t tied to a specific time of year. You can take a variety of vacations throughout the year.

4) Enjoy more. Stress less. Royals Club International maintains each resort to the standard of quality. We handle all the details, so you can relax and spend your time doing what you enjoy the most.

5) Its affordable luxury. By purchasing only the time you need, you can afford a much higher level of luxury than you could if you were purchasing whole ownership.

6) You can get the space you need. You can choose from a Studio, 1-bedroom or even 2-bedroom villa. Choose the size that’s right for you. Enjoy the travelling with the experience of Royals Club International. Get five star hotels, resorts and villa around in India by Royals Club International Membership. Share worldwide picture, top place with your experience. For more details about Royals Club International Company visit here: –

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Royals Club International India Review, Royals Club International has invested into developing a true travel and lifestyle platform whereby members can experience exceptional value, service, plus a sense of community and a feeling of true “membership” with royals club international membership reviews.

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